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Sliding Marquee Banner      A moving line of banners just above the navigation bar.  Minimum of 2500 page views a day.  
Spec - 200px X 100px jpg or gif. No animation.                

$200 for one month

3 months for $450  ($150/mo)

Left Margin Tower Banner (120 x 200) Home page only   
Spec-120px X 200px jpg or gif. No animation.   


3 months for $450

Bulletin Board Banner - Inside of the Barrel Talk Bulletin Board
Spec 450px X 50px jpg or gif. No animation

$200 a month
$450 for three months

Event Page Moving Banner  On events page you get a banner (200 x 100) banner moving across the top and linked to the location of your choice.  This includes a three day home page "Top Story" announcement.
Spec - 200px X 100px jpg or gif. No animation.                      


$450/3 months


Horse Ads
Working Horse Ad                                $10 for two months
Featured Horse on the Home Page.   $35 for 8 days  
Pedigree Listing (option on horse ad)                         No charge
   Four Pictures (option on horse ad)                             No charge
   Video   (option on horse ad)                                      No charge

Mail-in ads are available for an additional $25.  
Mail-in video conversions are $10.  No return of tape.

Saddles, Tack, Pets & Property
Tack Ad                                          $10 for two months  

Stallion Listing                                                  $150 per year

Horse Trailers


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