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Past Stories
6666 Ranch Joins NCHA to sponsor 2 National Championships  The historic Four 's Ranch is the new title sponsor of the NCHA Eastern National Championships in Jackson, Mississippi, and the NCHA Western National Championships in Ogden, Utah. read more
An Extreme Event
An extreme event will take place in a few weeks as the top Extreme Cowboy Racers from across the country come together for the Extreme Cowboy Race Finals. The Finals take place in Kansas City, MO at the Saddle And Sirloin Club November 14th through the 16th with the races starting at 10 am each day. read more
Ranch Horse Versatility
The new growing popular sport
. There is a new class of AQHA horses that are now making the headlines, horses competing Ranch Horse Versatility. While this sport has been around for a while it is really starting to make the headlines become very popular in all parts of the country. In a depressed horse market it is also offering a market line. read more
The Babbitt Ranch
The Babbitt family business was their grocery and meat market operation in Cincinnati Ohio.  However, in 1886 they headed West to expand into the cattle ranching industry. read more
WRCA Finals 2006
One of the biggest cowboy events of the year took place at Amarillo TX. The 11th annual Working Ranch Cowboy Association Finals.  read more
Meet the Spillers
Baru Forell Spiller was raised on the rural plains of northwest Kansas with a life long passion for good horses. read more

Tule Ranch & Cogdell Family
Recipient of the 2006 AQHA Best Remuda Award

The Tule Ranch is a family owned Texas ranch that has spent the past 50 years breeding good quarter horses with cow sense. read more


nut bucket.jpg (661734 bytes)Branding in the Sandhills
From the end of April to the first of June, ranchers in the Sandhills of western Nebraska band together for a successful branding season. Herd sizes range from hundreds to thousands but the job is always finished by noon, or close to. read more
DSC_0159.JPG (387615 bytes)Scott Daily - Purina Colt Starting Tour
Imagine if you were to step back a hundred years and lean on the top rail of a western Nebraska corral to watch a few colts being broke. read more
horsesoccer.jpg (180910 bytes)Soccer is Huge  - But on Horseback?
It started out as a small idea with big balls. Using a 50 inch inflatable sphere as a training tool, to de-sensitize horses. Who would believe they would want to kick it? read more

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